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bigstock-Woman-in-straw-hat-holding-app-39410755When I made the career change from General Manager to Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, I decided that there were others things I wanted to include in my life, a primary one being travel.   I am just returning from a CRAZY fun trip to Atlanta, GA where I attended the 23rd Annual National Sweepstakes Convention.  Because fitness and nutrition are first and foremost in my life, I can always relate what I’m doing back to my passion for good health.  So this week’s blog involves two of my favorite topics: travel and health. Below are 5 tips for eating healthy when you’re on the road.

While we all know that the U.S. gets a bad rap for their eating habits (which is warranted unfortunately), it is even worse in the south.

Because I was tied to the hotel and convention for almost the entire trip, there was little time to actually go out and eat. I had to figure out what to eat within the hotel and still keep my diet as clean as possible- not easy but definitely possible.

We had access to the lounge that served breakfast and snacks throughout the day. And, this is where the nutrition side of me kicks in and I get a little disgruntled.  Hotels have clued in that many of their clients want to have access to a fitness centre and we now are able continue our exercise routine while away.  Sadly I noticed that the food selection in hotels still needs improvement. Besides the amount of protein in the yogurt (and yes shockingly enough they had GREEK yogurt) there was no other option. And, this is what I have a problem with.

Being a Nutritional Coach, I work intimately to help clients navigate through the world of healthy food.   And, after my hotel experience, I realized that there is definitely a demand for health professionals to coach hotels on what makes a balanced meal.  A little reminder; all meals should include carbohydrates, protein and fat.  Protein was the missing component.

Here are 5 tips to follow while traveling:

1. Hit a local grocery store: Pick up some healthy snacks. If you have a fridge, grab a few sources of protein (hard boiled eggs, lean/cooked meats such as: BBQ chicken, canned tuna (be sure to get the self-opening cans!) fruits, vegetables. Not all hotel rooms are equipped with fridges. Often, I pack my own cooler bag or cooler.  Sometimes I just buy foods that don’t need refrigeration but the options are slightly limited.

2.  Hydration: Staying hydrated is important as we know.  I always travel with a reusable container that I can fill and carry with me throughout the hotel or on excursions.  I also like to travel with a case of water in the car. So, there is never an excuse for not staying hydrated.

3.  Start the day off right: Eat breakfast. After all it is the most important meal.  It primes the system for the day and will keep you from reaching for unhealthy foods.  Look for high protein, high fiber options. Eggs are an excellent source of protein.  I chose 0% FAT Plain Greek Yogurt, added my own fruit and a bit of honey.  This was a better choice than the pre-stirred yogurt with 25 grams of sugar and little protein!

4.  Be prepared: Carry a bar with you for those moments when hunger hits and you’re surrounded by unhealthy fast food options.  I always keep a low carb, high protein health bar for “in case of emergency” situations. Being hungry makes me grouchy and I refuse to put foods in my body that I wouldn’t normally eat.

5.  Keep it in mind: Be conscious and aware of the foods you put into your body.  If eating healthy is a thought in your mind, chances are you will follow through by making healthy choices.

Remember, it’s not the end of world if you don’t have perfect meals for the entire trip but try your best; that’s all any of us can really do. What is your #1 survival tip for eating healthy while traveling??  I’d love your feedback! And don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog if you have one via the commentluv feature here on the site.

~Be well





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  1. nadya says:

    Great suggestions Stephanie! There are so many yogurt choices out there, I was wondering, if you choose a 0% fat option, does that mean it may contain additives?

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