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bigstock-christmas-x-mas-winter-happ-53828731We are at the end of November and the holiday madness is about to begin. This is a time when most people over indulge and find that the pounds creep on. This can happen throughout the month of December, followed by the winter blahs in January and February.  It creates the 10-15 pound weight gain that takes us into Spring. It’s all a cycle that we need to gain control over BEFORE the holidays hit. And so, I thought it might be helpful to provide a few tips to help you keep the pounds off throughout the holiday season.

  1. Sleep.  It’s one of the first things to get interrupted but one of the most important to maintain. Try your best to stay on schedule with your bedtime and wake up time.  During times of stress and business, your body needs rest and repair more than ever.  Consistency is key and getting adequate sleep helps you keep the energy levels up, the pounds at bay and allows you to manage your stress levels because you are well rested and can tolerate more.
  1. Exercise.  Be sure to schedule your workouts around your social obligations. As long as you keep exercise a priority, it will help at least MAINTAIN your weight throughout the holidays.
  1. Keep a schedule.  Prioritize the important events and social commitments throughout the holiday season. Stay on schedule and remember that if you can’t commit to everything or everyone it’s okay.  Do not over commit and create added stress and disappointment (from family and friends).
  1. Maintain healthy boundaries.  The sweets and over indulgences will be at your fingertips over the holidays. Remember that you can definitely treat yourself within moderation.  Christmas is a once a year event and it seems to be a time when people over indulge. Scale back on the quantity and enjoy the quality of your favorite holiday treats and alcoholic beverages (which can add a lot of extra calories to your diet).
  1. Eat before going to parties.  If you find the temptation of all the party foods to be too much, make sure you go to parties after eating.  This will eliminate the amount of temptation. And while, you will likely still want a little treat of some kind, you will consume MUCH less than if you go with an empty stomach.

It’s undeniable that stress comes with the excitement and anticipation of Christmas.  But, it’s important to also keep things in check to avoid the weight gain and manage the stress wisely.

In the end, the holidays are time to spend with family and friends, surrounded by good food and often holiday cheer.  Enjoy it and keep things in check. If you follow these simply tips, you will still enjoy the holiday season a little less stressed and without the added weight.

Please share your tips on how to stay healthy through the holidays! And don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog if you have one via the commentluv feature here on the site.

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