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bigstock-picture-of-baby-making-first-s-18043187aOver the past year or so, I have started teaching nutrition seminars.  Often the attendees want me to sum up some tips to get them started.  In the first few classes I always recommend that we go back to the basics of nutrition.  We often forget about the simple things that we can change without much effort.  Remember K.I.S.S. (keep it simple silly!).  Remember that some of the smallest changes have the biggest impact on your health.  Below are 5 tips to get you started with making some nutritional changes to your diet and your life.

1. Avoid over eating and watch portion control

It is a common mistake that we all make since family life and work life seem to have us running on overdrive.  During your meals, relax, take the appropriate time to eat and focus on the food and chewing it. Eating too fast and improperly chewed food leads to digestion issues. Un-chewed food is harder on your digestion system and organs.  Slow down and taste your food.  Pay attention to the serving sizes and refer to Canada’s Food Guide for a refresher.

2. Eat naturally

Eating food in its purest, most natural and simplest form is always a number one rule I try to teach my clients.  This includes unprocessed foods… lots of fruits and veggies (raw and cooked), meat, dairy. Eating naturally eliminates a lot of the processed and refined foods that we eat too much of and that are often full of added chemicals and preservatives.

3. Eat organic when possible

Whenever possible I do recommend buying organic foods. Often it comes down to financial restrictions and in that case I always recommend choosing the foods that are heavily sprayed such as spinach, strawberries, apples, cherries, pears, bell peppers etc. For more information on the dirty dozen, check out this website.

4. No chemicals or preservatives

Buying packaged and prepared foods increases your chances of consuming added chemicals and preservatives.  Always remember to read the labels and know what all the ingredients are.  If you can’t pronounce it, chances are it isn’t good for you – leave it on the shelf of the grocery store.

5. Take your time, baby steps

Making positive changes to your nutrition regime takes TIME. It can’t be done overnight but some of the smallest changes will have the most impact.  Choose a few specific things to work on and make a plan. By focusing on a few changes each week, you are likely to be successful.

The most important thing I always tell my clients is that we want to make lifelong changes to our health and fitness.  One step at a time, you will get there.  It’s better to focus and it take a little longer than to try to change everything all at once and get frustrated. Chances are you will give up before you have had a chance to see the results.

What steps have you taken to make changes to your nutrition? I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment right here on the site and don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog too if you have one via the commentluv feature.

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