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Sensible Wellness promotes different healing treatments all relating to health and wellness.  Remember that wellness means MIND, BODY and SPIRIT. Here are some businesses that I can recommend!

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Fitness Force

Fitness Force is a 24 hour facility located in Keswick Ontario.  They offer group classes, personal training and have state of the art equipment. You will find dedicated, friendly and knowledgeable staff at this facility.

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The Cutting Veg

Located in Sutton, this organic farm runs a variety of programs aimed at cultivating personal, social, environmental and economic health.  They offer Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs where you can you buy veggies weekly by becoming a member.  Buy fresh. Buy local.

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Celtic Sage Holistic Therapy

Celtic Sage offers aromatherapy and hot stone massage as well as Celtic Reiki.  These therapies assist your body in eliminating toxins from the air we breath, water we drink and from food we eat.  Celtic Sage has launched a product line of bath salts with essential oils, natural hand sanitizer and air fresheners.

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Rhythmic By Nature

Rhythmic by Nature offers facilitation of group drumming, one-to-one drumming sessions and community drum circles where you can get in touch with your inner rhythms, release some stress, have fun and feel empowered!

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Locally crafted along the shores of Lake Simcoe, SheeBody is a fun collection of premium aromatic Body Butter Creams.  SheeBody combines natural therapeutic ingredients with quality graded essential oil and fragrant combinations.


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