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Our Rates

Personal Training

  • Package of 10 Personal Training Sessions (1 hour each) $615
  • Package of 5 Personal Training Sessions (1 hour each) $320
  • Single Personal Training Sessions $65/hour
  • Fitness Assessments $65/hour
  • Combine a 1 hour Personal Training session and a 1 hour nutritional coaching session (2 hours consecutively) $105 (2 hours)
  • Personal Training Program ONLY $40 (customized to suit client’s goals)

Nutritional Coaching

  • 10 Week: Nutritional Coaching Sessions (one hour each) $580
  • Single Nutritional Coaching Sessions $65/hour
  • Grocery Store Tour $60/hour
  • Healthy Cooking Lesson $65/hour

Wellness Services

12881493_s Organizational Management session $65/hour

***All prices are subject to HST

2 Responses to “Our Rates”

  1. Barbara Pal says:

    Hi Steph, do you have special training around fitness for supporting women through pregnancy and postpartum? In the nutrition piece as well for pregnancy and postpartum?

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Barb, great question. While I am not specifically trained for dealing with pregnancy (at this time), I can definitely assist with post-pregnancy and post-partum. And as for nutrition, I can assist women during and after pregnancy. Once baby arrives, often women require help with both fitness and nutrition and this is well within my scope of practice. Women may also benefit from my lifestyle management services before and after the baby arrives- anything to help them through the transition from pre-pregnancy thru pregnancy to post-pregnancy. If you have any further questions, feel free to email me at stephanie@sensiblewellness.ca. Be well….

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