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Personal Training

11844374_s No need for a gym membership, our Certified Personal Trainer will come to your home. All equipment required for the workout is supplied. The only item you supply is the ENERGY and water to stay hydrated!! We offer:

  • Personal fitness assessments
  • Customized exercise programs and
  • Continued support to achieve your fitness goals and aspirations.


Nutritional Coaching

The benefits of balanced nutrition are plentiful. Sensible Wellness offers:

  • Comprehensive nutritional assessments
  • Meal planning
  • Recipes
  • Weight loss programs
  • Grocery store tours
  • Kitchen cupboard overhauls
  • Label reading 101
  • Cooking sessions (learn how to prepare healthy QUICK meals for you and your family.

From that point, our coach works directly with you to achieve your goals and make the necessary improvements. Sensible Wellness takes pride in educating our clients on how to take a “SENSIBLE APPROACH” to nutrition. We follow a NO DIET approach to achieve long term weight loss goals.


Lifestyle Management

It is important to maintain a balanced lifestyle between home, work, children and other social responsibilities. Managing stress is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle (and for illness prevention). For many, this is an area that needs attention. Lifestyle management can be difficult, so our coach will work with you to find ways to make daily tasks easier, direct your efforts into the areas of your life that are more important and help get you focused on what matters most.

Organizing is key to staying on track. Do you have an area of your house that causes you undue stress and needs attention? The basement? The garage? Your home office?

Our coach will work with you to deal with these nagging issues. And, if you don’t have time, Sensible Wellness will actually perform the task with you or for you. There are NO excuses why you can’t regain control of your life!

Motivate. Initiate. Conquer.

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